Chemical Transloading

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Camco provides a variety of chemical transloading services that are centered on its fully contained three acre bulk material receiving pad. That portion of Camco’s facility can receive products for transloading into trucks, totes and drums.

The bulk pad is fully contained to prevent any discharge from the facility and is operated under a strong set of written ISO procedures and work instructions to assure its operating integrity. Both tech grade and food grade operations are conducted in the area and limited GMP services are conducted there as well.

Camco’s chemical transloading operations are an extension of its contract services philosophy in that your project is executed under documented work instructions developed to mirror your exacting specifications for the container required--with labeling positioned as directed, lot numbering affixed in your format and in the desired location, and drums loaded on pallets whose design meets your specifications. In short, a package that is exactly what you would have created in your own facility.




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