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Camco is a family owned business that was founded in 1960 and continues to operate under private ownership with several second and third generation family members active in the business’ daily operation. Camco employs approximately 175 associates and operates a thirty-two acre campus situated in an industrial park setting in three adjacent buildings collectively comprising 587,000 square feet of manufacturing, packaging and distribution services.

As a contract chemical manufacturer and contract packaging contractor, Camco operates on a five day week schedule with three shifts and blends a broad variety of chemical products that are sold by Camco’s customers in the consumer, industrial, agricultural, transportation, water treatment and food industries, to name just a few. Importantly, Camco does not market any products, so that its customers can be assured that their proprietary and confidential information will remain so.

Camco’s overall manufacturing capacity totals nearly 300 million pounds of packaged goods with potentially several hundred million additional pounds for bulk shipments and transloads. The level of available capacity is such that virtually any project can be accommodated.

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