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Camco was founded in 1960, operating from a family owned service station on Dixie Highway in Northern Kentucky. Originally, the company developed cleaners and chemical products that it marketed to customers under its own label.

As remains true today, the greater Cincinnati area was a hot bed of the US chemical industry. As a result, a growing Camco found a market for providing its manufacturing capabilities to others and moved toward becoming a pure contract chemical manufacturer by the end of that decade.  Since the early 1970s Camco has been solely engaged as a contract manufacturer.

The company grew from a modest co-packing enterprise to the status as one of the premier contact manufacturers of cleaning, processing and sanitizing chemical products marketed to the consumer, industrial, institutional, and agricultural industries. Today, Camco offers a full range of services, including packaging of solids and liquids, and targets the broadest possible range of chemical marketers in a continued drive to broaden both its customer and product bases.   

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