Camco’s Mission Statement

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To leverage our assets, economies of scale and manufacturing expertise into effective/high quality procurement, manufacturing and warehousing services and provide those services to selected markets where our services are most competitive. To be the “go-to” manufacturer in those markets and grow our customers’ competitiveness, as our best vehicle toward our own success. And, reach our goals within the confines of our primary corporate obligations as defined below.    

To Our Customer – Fair pricing and ethical treatment, our best efforts in support of their goals, respect for their associates as individuals with faithful and dependable execution of the duties assigned to and accepted by us.

To All Employees – Professional respect, fair and equitable treatment, a safe working environment and fair payment for services, while fostering opportunities for them to achieve a position at Camco that is commensurate with their abilities, effort and attitude.

To Ownership – A balanced acceptance of business risks for a fair return on investment. Best value over the long term. Employment for shareholders who so desire through an opportunity to participate in the best available position for which they have a demonstrated capability and a willingness to serve.

To Our Community – Safe and secure management of our materials, products and processes.  Respect toward the environment and the laws and morals of our community.

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