Regulatory Compliance & Safety

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In the chemical manufacturing business, attending to HS&E matters is more than a nicety. It is an absolute necessity to maintain a positive standing with the entire range of regulatory agencies impacting operations. Those include the familiar federal agencies such as Homeland Security, OSHA, FDA and EPA as well as their state based affiliates. Beyond those, there is the POTW or sanitation district to which process water is discharged; local fire and rescue; and the sundry grantors of air, waste and other use permits.  

Camco manages all of these agencies through its in-house HS&E staff who work diligently to maintain our consistent observance of the rules and regulations that are critical to our unrestrained operations. Beyond doing so as a matter of responsible care and as prudent business, it also assures Camco’s customers that the facility they choose to produce their chemical product is responsibly operated and won’t be the cause of their unwelcomed mention on the six o’clock news.

Camco operates a safe facility with an enviable record among hazardous chemical manufacturers. Our very low incidence of worker injuries has helped build our reputation as a company who has a high regard for the health, safety and well-being of its associates.   

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