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Ideal Location:

Ideal Location

Camco’s Florence, Kentucky location is a rail-served 587,000 square foot facility occupying a 32 acre site on the I-75 North/South corridor.  I-71, I-74 and I-65 are all just minutes away, as is the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky Airport.  This strategically situated location means 1 day delivery to 60% of the US population with 2 day service to more than 80% of the US.


One Stop Shopping:

For the convenience of its customers, Camco's offices, laboratories, plant and warehouses are situated together. This insures the close contact needed for cost effectiveness, communication, "do it right the first time" execution, and lowered distribution cost for your products.


Rail Access Means You Pay Less for Raw Materials:

One Stop Shopping

Camco's customers enjoy the cost savings impact of Camco’s access to rail (with two sidings holding 30-plus cars) transportation, as well as 5 million pounds of bulk raw material storage. These same facilities mean that Camco customers enjoy some of the best raw material costs available.


Quality Control Services:

Camco’s on site quality control laboratory is well staffed with technicians and chemists  who are capable of conducting a broad range of tests using apparatus that range from auto titrators, HPLC’s, pH meters, colorimeters, foam and gel testers, computer linked microscopy and all manner of ancillary laboratory equipment.  In short, Camco Quality Control has the ability to measure virtually any metric testing you might require. In the event that your need exceeds our present capabilities, we can add that capability, or contract it to one of the several outside laboratories with whom we work closely.

At Camco, your QC data is managed in a LIMS software package designed to support GMP as well as conventional blending and which in the near future will be capable of providing you real time access to the quality testing of your product’s production. 

Your production retain samples (to include beginning and end packaging line) are held for one year with longer periods for EPA and FDA registered products.


Liquid Blending:

Camco operates a 150,000 square foot liquid blending facility in which are positioned 21 liquid mixers. Nineteen of those vessels are stainless steel with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 gallons with the capacity for internally heating and cooling. The remaining five mixers are reinforced fiberglass and polyethylene for blending formulas incompatible with metal vessels.

All blending accuracy is assured  by electronic load cells and formula additions are controlled by bar code read hand held computers adding assurance  that both the correct level of ingredient additions are achieved as well as correct component parts being used to meet your specifications.

Beyond ample mixer availability, Camco stores more than three million pounds of bulk raw materials in the liquid room to assure your access to favorable material costs and to make faster turnaround times possible. That means that your customer’s emergency order can be Camco’s chance to help you shine rather than apologize for not being able to satisfy that “emergency.” 

Finally, Camco’s manufacturing replenishment and planning (MRP) system will guide the procurement of components to allow the timely planning of production so that your outsourced production can be truly turn-key with the manufacture of finished goods inventories ready to support your on-time deliveries.


Powder Blending:

As chemical copackers, Camco operates a 120,000 square foot powder production facility with five Nauta blenders serving a wide variety of packaging options that include consumer sized cartons, form fill and seal pouches, valve packed and heat sealed plastic and multi-walled bags, plastic canisters, pails, cartons, drums and super sacks.

Camco offers choices even within those packaging options. Examples: There are both horizontal auger and pneumatic baggers and in the form fill and seal pouch packaging area, Camco can pack your powder product on a Hayssen vertical form fill and seal unit using water soluble film, or run it in HPDE film on a choice of two vertical fillers - one of which can produce at a rate approaching 100 bags per minute.

The 175 cubic foot Nauta mixers can produce batch sizes of 10,000 pounds and are supported by bulk raw material bins that contain more than two million pounds of commonly used granular raw materials. Camco can produce enzyme containing blends and those that contain extremely high levels of liquid additions. In addition to those liquid materials, Camco can receive, store and apply surfactants with high melt points to your powder blends requiring those raws.


Food Grade Packaging:

Camco’s food grade packaging operation is certified as acceptable for Kosher packaging – even under the rigorous standard applied to Passover use.

The current capability of Camco's food grade packaging operation includes sizes ranging from five-gallon containers to 330-gallon totes. Adoption of gallon or quart packaging is a step that only awaits the first customer requiring those sizes.

The food grade packaging area is equipped with positive air pressurization, a high efficiency air filtration system and specially designed entry / exit doors that permit packaging materials to enter and filled containers to exit without risk of contamination. Another positive feature of the food grade packaging installation is that it is situated directly adjacent to the bermed bulk trailer and railcar offloading site. That facility is equipped to apply the steam as well as air pressure required to store and offload finished materials that are being packed in this new addition. Most importantly, Camco's ISO procedures assure consistent execution.



Camco’s 268,000 square foot distribution center is located on the 32 acre Camco campus. That means your finished goods are moved to the first stage of the supply chain without the cost of trucking and they’re subjected to one less potentially damaging trucking transfer. 
Your goods are stored in a modern, well run and clean facility where they are picked and prepared for shipment with the same care that went into blending, testing and packaging them.

In addition to those upside benefits, Camco may be able to carry the value of your finished products on its balance sheet, billing them only when they are shipped, freeing your capital to support your product and business development efforts.

When orders are picked, they’re reviewed for accuracy and cosmetic appearance by an auditor so that miss picks are avoided and the chances of a non-conforming package shipping to your customer or distribution center are minimized.  Because we are a detailed toll blender, all orders are executed using hand held devices to assure the accuracy of your inventories and to allow real time input for more accurate production planning and more timely inventory replenishment.  


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