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Camco blends, packages, warehouses and provides order fulfillment for chemical product marketers who service a broad range of markets with products including cleaners and surface preparation, automotive, personal care and agricultural items, to name just a few.  We also handle products in many forms, such as liquids, powders, emulsions and gels, and we package those finished goods in sizes ranging from railcars to just a few ounces. 

Importantly, you can choose all of these services, or select only the portion that meets one need. Regardless of the scope of Camco’s services you elect to use, you’ll have an efficient partnership with a contract manufacturing and warehousing facility ideally located in the Midwest.  Camco can procure the materials that you specify, make the product, plan your inventory needs and fulfill your orders. 

Many of Camco’s customers opt to take ownership of their goods only at the time of shipment so their capital isn’t tied up in either raw material or finished goods inventory.  Camco provides the manufacturing capital, logistical support and manages the regulatory burdens of chemical processing so that you can focus on product development and marketing. Finally, Camco protects your good name through professional safety, environmental and quality management.

At Camco, we understand chemical compounding and servicing the needs of product marketers. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years! Let us bring our experience, economies of scale and “can do” attitude to your next project.

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