Chemical Powder and Liquid Blending

Camco has the chemical liquid and powder blending experience your business needs to thrive. Our turn-key manufacturing facilities, centrally located in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, give Camco the ability to quickly distribute your chemical products anywhere in the US. 

The combination of Camco's dedicated powder and liquid blending capabilities, quality-first mentality, and expertise in supply chain excellence, provides you with the manufacturing partner that your business needs to excel, all in one location. 

Blending Capabilities and Services

Chemical Powder Blending Capabilities  

Camco provides flexible batch sizes for chemical powder blending. We operate four Nauta mixers and two Ribbon blenders, that produce an optimized output and allow our powder blending capabilities to support batch sizes ranging from 3,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs. 

Camco’s powder blending operation is supported by the bulk storage of raw materials in ten silos installed directly above the Nauta mixers, easing the process of the physical transfer of those ingredients to the mixers. 

Chemical Liquid Blending Capabilities 

Camco Chemical's liquid blending capabilities are supported by more than 40 liquid mixers and 50 bulk raw material storage tanks. We stock more than 50 million pounds of raw materials at any given time, so we are able to mix batch sizes ranging from 50 gallons up to 12,000 gallons. Each mixer has heating and cooling capabilities to help control endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Also, all our mixers are mounted on precision electronic load cells that accurately measure additions of ingredients to your formulations. Our liquid mixers are purposely integrated into our offering to provide our customers with the unique blending capabilities needed to properly compound a wide variety of products from water-thin foamy chemistries to high-viscosity waxes, pastes, and gels. 


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