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As a leading chemical copacker, Camco’s powder packaging options include virtually all of the typical sku’s used in the chemical industry and include a variety of cartons, form-fill and seal pouches, plastic canisters, heat sealed and valve pack bags, drums, super sacks and heat sealed poly bags. Much like Camco’s liquid operations, the scope of sku’s packed ranges from a few ounces to thousands of pounds.

Beyond those pack off choices, Camco’s capabilities include packaging powders that range from DOT / UN hazardous materials to non-regulated consumer commodities. Aside from hazardous variability, the scope of dustiness, flowability and other handling challenges are among the issues Camco addresses in its dry packaging operations.

As is the case in all Camco packaging operations, close oversight of quality is assured with your inspection criteria executed on the line for such important variables as fill weight, off torques, heat seal integrity, label alignment and cosmetic product appearance. 

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