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Customer service is a shop-worn phrase that too many of us has come to mean talking to someone who doesn’t know you, your business, or your problem, and who lacks the authority to act. At Camco that is not the case. Camco’s customer service department is operated by the people with whom you deal regularly. And if they aren’t able to address your need, they have direct access to the people who do.

In the technical side of Camco, that means that the quality control chemist you’re talking with is the very person running the tests you’re discussing. If you have a need to address a process change that involves a challenging packaging line adaptation, you’ll be talking with the plant engineer or technician who oversees that line. If it’s a particularly vexing shipping issue, you’ll be talking with the distribution facility manager. You get the idea.
The bottom line is that your problems will be addressed directly and together we’ll do what it takes to solve the problem before it affects your customers!

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