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Just when you might have felt that finding a contract manufacturer capable of toll blending your powdered chemicals was a lost cause, Camco emerges as the one stop shop that can handle your dry bulk mixing needs with its Nauta mixers that have working capacities for large throughput powdered detergent projects as well as smaller run products.

Camco’s five Nauta powder mixers (with an 800 cubic foot combined capacity) provide flexibility in batch size range and in the special ability to blend high moisture content formulas – all while providing a gentle but thorough mixing action that avoids the tendency of ribbon and other style mixers to break up your product’s ingredient particles, thus making them more dusty and less cosmetically attractive.

Camco’s blending operation is supported by the bulk storage of raw materials in ten silos installed directly above the mixers, easing the process of physical transfer of those ingredients to the mixers. Moreover, that bulk purchase of many raw materials provides you access to lower costs because of Camco’s ability to purchase in volume.

Once your powdered product is blended, Camco offers you a broad range of solid packaging options to include transfer to bulk trucks, as well as super sacks, drums, cartons, form-fill-and-seal pouches, canisters and capsules.  If your project doesn’t fit into one of those categories, Camco stands ready to work hand in hand with you to install a customized powder packaging line to address your product’s unique needs.

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