Information Management

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In today’s chemical co-packing world, information technology is becoming nearly as important as mixers and fillers. At Camco, providing our customers with timely and actionable information has long been a tradition. Accordingly, when you partner with us, you’ll receive regular updates on component costs and the status of your manufacturing operations. With the advent of an entirely new MRP and business software package rollout in late 2012, that information feedback is improving even more.

In the coming year, that system will provide you real time web based access regarding the status of your production and shipping orders. That includes the date it’s scheduled for manufacture and once in that loop, specific feedback regarding its status as it passes from planned production through blending and QC testing. In the shipment phase, you’ll know the exact status of every order from picking to departure.

The Camco Information System platform will support a broad variety of software to include SAP and is sufficiently flexible to permit modifications to deliver the type of information your Information System may require.

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