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Camco operates a broad range of material handling and liquid packaging lines, including conventional industrial and institutional totes, drums, pail and bottles, including wrapped multi-pack arrangements, bag in box, and bottles. Camco’s capabilities include various physical characteristics, such as high viscosity, foam, biological sensitivities, Ph. ranges, emulsions and gels.

At Camco, the operative watch word is “flexibility.” We pride ourselves in our support of projects both large and small, and in executing challenging product lines containing many formulas and multiple package types.

Camco’s packaging lines can apply labels, shrink-wrap packages, assemble package inserts, apply induction heat seal caps, trigger sprayers, spouts and flip top closures. While Camco has modern packing lines, it isn’t above tackling jobs that call for hand work and a “job shop” environment. Finally, we have the practical engineering expertise, the infrastructure and the broad range of experience that you need to get your product to the market.

As is the case of all Camco packaging operations, close oversight of quality is assured with your inspection criteria executed on the line for such important variables as fill weight, off torques, heat seal integrity, label alignment and cosmetic product appearance.

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