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At Camco, we understand that if we can’t bring lower component costs to the table, then it’s unlikely we’ll earn your business. The simple fact is that 80 to 90% of the cost of the average finished chemical product is represented by the cost of its components, with 10% to 20% residing in the cost of manufacturing. Reduced to its lowest denominator that means that Camco must procure those components at favorable costs, or it can’t satisfy your need to market a competitively priced finished product to your customers.

Fortunately, the chemistry and packaging components used in the I&I markets use a good number of common packaging components and raw materials such as liquid caustic soda, chlorine, non-ionic surfactants, soda ash, metasilicate and sodium hydroxide - all of which Camco buys in bulk. With Camco’s policy of passing on those lowered costs through fully transparent pricing, you’re assured of sharing in that combined purchasing leverage. Naturally, where you may enjoy a competitive advantage on a component, we are happy to access that cost on your exclusive benefit – thereby protecting your special competitive market advantage.

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In addition to lower component costs, the on-site storage of over five million pounds of bulk raws, several million pounds of packaged ingredients, and a broad range of in-stock containers and closures means that your Camco supported supply chain can be made more efficient due to lessened production lead times.