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In the world of chemical manufacturing and marketing, problems are less often a matter of discovering new technology as much as rediscovering what is already known. And in a perfect world we’d all have a file containing the phone number of every resource we would ever need for the answers to those vexing challenges we encounter in blending or packaging a new chemical product.

While Camco certainly doesn’t have that ultimate Rolodex, we can get pretty close. Our years of participatory work in the production of thousands of chemical blends, packaged in dozens of sku’s, provides an extensive range of contacts and “tribal” knowledge that we can share.

In that respect Camco’s fifty plus year history can be a great value-add. We may not have the answer to your special conundrum, but chances are we know someone who does.

With extensive experience as contract packagers, we have the solutions you need!  Call 1-800-354-1001 or connect with us online for more on chemical manufacturing.

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