Quality Control Testing

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At Camco the task of achieving your product’s specifications is rigorously managed because there isn’t room for flexibility when it comes to this critical control process. We go to great length and expense to insure that the quality control specifications you set for the chemistry, packaging and even delivery of your products are achieved.

Mixer samples are QC tested at the conclusion of the blending process and are retained for twelve months (or longer for EPA and FDA processes). In addition, beginning and end of packaging line samples are reviewed and released by the quality control laboratory before your packaged product is released for

transfer to distribution. For more sensitive products, Camco can provide full lot number tracking of all ingredients, as well as positive hold and release control of your finished goods inventories. Naturally, all finished goods are date coded using either your unique format or a Camco default marking.

Camco takes an active role in helping you manage the efficacy of your specifications. As an example, if your formula requires frequent mixer batch adjustments to achieve its targeted QC specifications, we’ll contact you to determine if those targets require adjustment, or if the formula should be modified so that it passes testing without end of process adjustments.

As would be expected of an ISO 9001 certified facility, Camco uses extensive documentation of the blending and packaging processes and extends the QC function beyond the laboratory’s chemists and technicians to include packaging line personnel, where every worker is assigned a target for his or her continuous inspection during packaging operations. Beyond critical quality issues such as fill weights, closure off torques and heat seal integrity are recorded and made part of the permanent production record of your product.  We go to great lengths to insure regulatory compliance and safety.



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