Product Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution

Midwest Warehousing

Product Fullfillment and distributionCamco is a truly integrated co-packer in the sense that the term turnkey is literal. Its broad services include the movement of your product directly into the supply chain from Camco’s modern on-site 268,000 square foot distribution center. Beyond the immediate trucking cost savings that result from avoiding the need to move your product from the plant to a public warehouse,  your product is picked, loaded and dispatched by a team whose concerns are greater the warehouse - who all too frequently stop at the point of giving  your selected carrier a dock appointment.

With Camco’s product fulfillment and servicing, as well as warehousing and distribution, you are the beneficiary of a team who regards the shipment of your product as the critical last part of our contract services. When the carrier fails to show, something happens because we understand that if it doesn’t, an important aspect of why you chose Camco wasn’t delivered. We also audit every pallet of each outbound shipment to validate that it is what was ordered and that the product on that pallet is in the cosmetic condition that you would want it to arrive at your customer’s receiving dock.  

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